New Pokestops! 11th July 2018

I got 2 new pokestop. One hit me by surprise as I was walking by my favourite park and then i loaded the game and it was there :slight_smile: i didn’t put it there so it was a good surprise.


I have never found new ones of his own indifferent I guess I’ll cry

Nearby me one pokestop changed into a gym and a new pokestop showed up on a skate park. Still need to fill up the road to the beach, where many people use bicycles and there´s nothing.

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Last week we randomly got a new gym, which was a pokestop before. Still nice, because I come there very often.

nice to see you have Ingress players using their power to create POI’s.

In my city we currently have 4 ingress players who apply for new POI’s all the time which resulted in at least 15 new gyms in the last 2 months, not counting several in the nearby town(s). Since they can apply for 14 new POI’s every 2 weeks / 1 per day (IIRC) and we have more then enough stuff to apply for we’re in a good spot.

keep it up Ingress-ers!

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Yes. I don’t have an ingress high level player in my town but one was on holiday here during OPR and added stuff :slight_smile: