New Pokémon announcements!

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My two cents:
I don’t care about snap

DP remakes seem… Kinda cool? I’d definitely buy them if they actually had an appropriate price-tag for a 15 years old game

And Legends… I really hope they don’t mess this up because it looks amazing


I think Legends will be Pokemon: breath of the wild.

I wonder what they will do with the remakes of DP.

I think both have the potential to be really cool, but right now I feel “eh” about the last one

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I’m kind of mad my son lost Let’s Go Eevee. I can’t open a Meltan Box until he gets to that point in Let’s Go Pikachu. But I’m sure we will get the Diamond and Pearl remake.

You can get Meltan boxes through Pokémon home

DP remake will be a full price game, just like all other remakes

Yeah, sadly, but unlike other remakes it’s actually meant to be “faithful” (and also all other remakes besides Let’s GO cost $40 because that used to be the full price for 3DS games)

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