New pokecoin system

When the new pokecoin system dropped I was very excited but now I’m not. As I understand the new pokecoin system is that you get 1 pokecoin per 10 minutes and the maximum pokecoin amount is 50 pokecoins which is 8 hours and 20 minutes. But some of my Pokemon have been in gyms for 3 days and I don’t get any pokecoins. I’m really mad. The normal pokecoin amount I should getvper a day is 150-200 but I’m lucky if I get even 50. Does this happen to only me or to others also.


You can only get a max of 50 per day, this means that if you have multiple Pokémon in gyms, they can be there for weeks on end, but the second they arrive back to you, you will only get 50 pokécoins, this also ocurrs if multiple pokémon come back, you will still only get 50 pokécoins in total.


How long did you not play the game?

Since the new system dropped, I’ve never failed to get 50 coins a day. (Except when I went to Jaimica on vacation. Even then it was only for 2 days when the last gym I took before leaving got taken down.). Just make sure you put enough trash Pokemon in enough high traffic gyms, you will always get 50 coins a day. On the old system, I would very rarely get the full 100 coins before someone would take down my gyms before I could collect. At least this way I know it will take 3 days to get an incubator or 4 days to get a storage space.

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Im really lucky. I get 50 coins everyday with only 1 gym. The gym closest to my house has fallen into a routine. I take the gym at night (mystic) and two instinct players hold it during the day. So we all get our coins daily without question.


I have got an average of around 5 coins per day with the new gym system. I almost always hold gyms but getting them taken down is rare.

Either you live in or have easy access to a high gym turnover area or you’re pretty much screwed, lucky for me my work has a gym that changes at least twice a day so I get my daily 50 coins easily.

The problem is not the 50 coin per day limit, as the average player wouldn’t get more than that a day with the old system (most of the time).
The problem is that the rewards should stack from day to day, for example if you have a pokemon that has been at least 8h 20 min / day for 3 days you should get 150 coins, it would be more than fair.

Well, if you are in an area that has so few players youre gyms dont fall, you could consider a 2nd account. You could use it to knock yourself out of the gym (only yourself, make sure with berrys you dont knock out your teammates).

I dont like people with multiple accounts in my city, because there is no need for it. If you are alone where you live, i dont see a bad thing against it as long as you dont bother anyone with it.