New Moves for Pokemon!

You can look at the article here:

Here are the new moves and moves Pokemon are learning:

My favorites are:
Moltres learning Wing Attack
Aerodactyl learning Rock Throw
A. Raichu learning Grass Knot
Vileplume learning Sludge Bomb
Electivire learning Ice Punch
Sceptile learning Dragon Claw


I am most excited about Charm being added for my Togekiss. It is weird that they gave Snorlax Skull Bash right after the event that gave it a special charge move. Seems a little counter productive but more move options the better.

edit: Never mind. I forgot the special Snorlax move during that event was just a quick move Yawn and not Body Slam like during the Slaking CD.


I am so stoked for some of these. Obviously, there’s Charm, but my hundo-Aerodactyl can now have a complete Rock-type moveset with Rock Slide! Freaking ideal!

Now I might max out my Gardevoir
Yeah, she’s less bulky than Togekiss, but comes with better firepower AND a mega in the future

Finally able to finish this one of now as it should have been in the first place! Next step is probably to finally build my 100% Togepi to Togekiss and max it out with a double fairy set too!