New Moves Coming and Jirachi Special Research Leaked!

Chrales detected some new stuff in the newest incoming update:

Charm is a Fairy-type non-damaging move from the core games, and it’s the newest Fast move coming. Could they make it do damage in the game? The Ralts, Igglybuff and Cleffa lines can learn it in their infant forms. I definitely need to hear more.

Giga Impact is a Normal-type move that I expect to be a Charge Move. It’s one of Regigigas’ strongest moves, so here’s hoping that Regigigas will learn it so it can finally have a STAB-move.

MORE IMPORTANTLY, code for Jirachi Special Research has been found! It’s finally coming!


Excited for a new special research.


1st in the world

What’s with the Jirachi? Noob here…


It’s probably going to be the exclusive quest at GoFest, then we get it afterwards


Possibly so, but I really hope they don’t force us to wait nearly two months like they did last time.

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New info on the GO Fest version of Jirachi Special Research.

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As much more of a Pokemon noob than you (having seen only one episode of the whole series), this is the first time I’ve ever heard of this critter. I trust by now you’ve done a basic google search for it and found its bulbapedia entry (atémon) ).

My first impression is that the creative team behind the series took the idea of Togekiss to its logical extreme. How Niantic’s team translates its waking one week every thousand years into the game-play scenario seems challenging on the face.

Seems like a candidate for PoGo’s next Special Research Quest, ala Mew and Celebi – and a new excuse to twist everybody’s arm into using the latest AR+ features…

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You didn’t need to use AR to catch Meltan.

True dat, @bobbyjack8. That’s why I didn’t mention Meltan. :wink:

I had my son catch Mew and Celebi for me.

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Considering that it’s clearly going to be a special research quest for Go Fest, it wouldn’t make sense to build a special research quest for the global game for everybody BUT the Go Fest attendees later. There will need to be a different way to release Jirachi to the rest of us. Maybe make it a future tier 5 raid boss.

I have Mew and Celebi, and without using AR never in my gamelife.