New Moves and Mechanics

Charm is amazing but not the best until Mega Gardevoir comes out
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At least Fairy-types now can do something about being Dragon and Fighting-type counters. It’s an improvement for sure, and one that’s welcome for me once Palkia makes an inevitable return. I don’t have enough Dragons to counter Palkia properly, so Fairy-types are the only other option. Palkia destroys Dragons regularly, so having some full Fairy-type attackers will be a nice boon for smaller raid teams.

What I’m really excited for is my perfect Aerodactyl can now be a real Rock-type attacker.

On top of everything, Fast TMs have a purpose with me again…for a while of course.

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Moltres’ Wing Attack is interesting, but outclassed by Fire Spin anyway
And Charm is outclassed by Confusion against fighting-types, so Gardevoir’s viability against fighting-types hasnt really changed

It’s mainly to act as a Dragon-type counter that I’m more considering. Everything else is just minor detail.

Confusion outclassing Charm only matters to Gardevoir because its a Psychic-type as well as a Fairy-type. That doesn’t apply to the other Fairy-types. It’s all just details. According to GamePress, the difference between Confusion-Gardevoir and Charm-Gardevoir is 1/10th of a point in DPS. Very small detail if you ask me.

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Yeah, true, but still a difference for someone with 30 Fast TMs lol

I am so happy charm is a fairy type fast move

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