New Lures, More Pokémon, and a New Move Officially Announced by Niantic |


I have got a question-
Are there name tricks found for glaceon or Leafeon?

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It doesn’t look like it, but in this case, evolving them is super easy.


The only things i want to know:
Will the new lures last 3 hours on CD?
And will the new lures spawn the CD pokemon or the ones from the type that it represents?

Im hoping Niantic will answer this tomorrow, but i fear Asia will have to find out the hard way.

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Trick: Look around town for people who put lure out so you dont gotta spend.

I bought all 3 but only used 2 and found 2 free ones

idk if this helps at all


Yes, name trick only works once, but you can evolve as many as you like as long as the Lure is active and you are in range of it


It does!


Name trick works for new Eeveeloutions
Rea for Glaceon
Linnea for Leafeon


The source is TSR Reddit. But so many double posts they keep getting delete :man_facepalming:


Leekduck posted something useful on Twitter:


Just read on Reddit that Hippopotas is in nests.

They nest in nests that were previously Bidoof.

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In general, yes.
In reply to me, no.
Nothing in there about CD.

I absolutely love this. Garchomp released, as well as my favourite eeveelution leafeon

Only things not making it the best week of Go is Garchomp not getting EP and the box not having more than 24 passes, but its still a gorgeous one

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The new lure thing is kind of neat. But there is one thing not specified that matters for these but didn’t affect earlier eevolutions:

Which form-coercion mode has more effect? If I stand next to a pokestop with a mossy lure and evolve an Eevee named ‘Rea’, will the result be Glaceon or Leafeon? Will the lure trump the nickname? Or vice-versa?

I’m curious enough to be the proverbial guinea pig on this…

Got a Glaceon the one time I tested it. To declare it a rule, though, would require either official word from Niantic, or about a hundred tests, which of course would require about a hundred accounts, since the nickname trick only works once per-account.

I’m sure it’ll last 3 hours, but I doubt it’ll spawn CD Pokémon unless the CD Pokémon is the right type. (So for torchic CD I doubt it’ll spawn extra torchic regardless of the new lures you use)

No need. The ? Changes to the Eeveelution pared to that name. Of course it will only work once.

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Who wants to bet that Garchomp will be an upcoming Community Day in the next month or so?

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Ooooh I HOPE thats the case, with either Dragon Rush or Earth Power, but we will likely have to wait at least half a year

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