New Loading Screen

I still do not have the new loading screen, I use a Samsung A5 (2017). Does anyone still not have the new loading screen, or is my device just too lazy to update it?

That¬īs an internal update that they are, slowly, sending up with the data update. Doesn¬īt depend on cellphones or accounts. It¬īs just Niantic sending it slowly.
Probably there will be an update to the game version next week that will give the new loading screen to everyone.

I have installed Ver 0.131.1, and it has the new loading screen.

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Got an update, with the new loadingscreen.

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Do you have new loading screen

  • Yes on Android
  • No on Android
  • Yes on iPhone
  • No on iPhone

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Got it on Android today. Inching ever so close to PVP. :smiley:

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IOS release dropped about 7 pm pacific last night

Electiver has bad aim


Which way, there are a few ways.