New levelling system?

So, we know the level cap will increase
But I have my own solution for Level 40 becoming obsolete: revamping the levelling system from the ground up
Since XP needed for Level-up increases exponentionally, we are standing at around 7m XP for 41, 10m XP for 42, and so on, making it just too much for most people to enjoy, which is why I suggest we change it entirely

Firstly, you would lose all your XP and Level in exchange for Stardust: I propose 1 dust for every 10 XP, that should be a fair reward for all the grinding some of us did

Now, how would you level up? By doing quests
But not regular quests (Field research) nor Special research, but instead quests made to get progressively more difficult as you level up

Every level would have a set number of quests, numbers would warry

To reach level 2, you would only have one quest, to catch the starter
To reach level 3, you would have to rename your starter, catch 3 Pokémon and spin 3 stops
Levels could go all the way to 100, with max Pokemon levels going up the same way as before until Trainer Level 38/Pokémon Level 40, then by 1 power-up per TL-up until PL 50 and, at last, by one PL-up every 4 TL

So the max Pokémon level would be 75 by our current naming system, 2.625* CP at level 20 if Im not mistaken

This way, we could also implement some sort of story line and/or make Special quests go parallel with the level up quests

Lucky eggs could be used to skip specific quests

Also, since requiring raids might be too much for rural players, you could instead have fights with NPCs and duels against Pokémon (like you would have to choose 1 Pokémon to battle and beat Primal Groudon without potions/timer)

What do you think?


I like it. Maybe like a seperate system from trainer level (kind of like friend level) could have something to do with quests

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I would not be happy with that idea exactly how it stands but they could implement a version of it.

Niantic wouldn’t be happy with it because it would give less incentive to do raids (raid passes are a huge money maker for them).

If they left Trainer level system the same and allowed it to dictate the max Pokémon level, then had a separate researcher level that reduced the power up cost for Pokémon that would be something I could get behind.

A 20-25% decrease in power up costs at max level would be an incredible incentive, and researcher XP would add an entirely new element to how people play and how they focus on questing.


Got hyped. Amazing idea.

However, maybe it’s an idea if those quests start at level 40? So you don’t have to start over again.
And there are people with 20+ Lucky Eggs, so that’s a lot of tasks you can skip.
Maybe Niantic has to make a new item to skip quests.

I like to see the ability that you get bonus items everytime you reach 5m dust after you reached level 40. Maybe a Quest Skip Item?
With this, Lucky Eggs could be the same as they’ve been either.

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If they made it fair for rurals, yes.
So please make something like:
If pokestops + gyms in 1km radius =< 10 then remove raid and catch legendary quests

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I’m afraid that’ll be impossible…
For example, if I am in a rural place on holidays when they launch it, I don’t get them either. Not that I really want those quests, though, but for example.

There are 2 diffrent quests for every level: a rural and an urban, if you are a rural but you are at an urban area atm you will get an urban quest for the next level

You wouldnt raid, you would fight the legendary alone
Either at the power of the actual Pokemon and with only one from your box, or you could do a solo raid and the legendary would have either tier 1 or 2 (or even in-between)

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But remember that not all rurals who struggle for numbers have no pokestops. I live in small town which would probably surpass that mark of <10 stops (just - literally 11) but rarely sees any gym turnover.


I want that

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Not 11 player, 11 pokestop/gym within 1km square



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Still quite a lot either way

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I give it the thumbs down

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I have nothing to do with my life so i can start and make a list of level up quests.
I will make them fair for both rural and urban. I will private message it to you and i will also make other level up rewards.

The basic values placed on all the game content is far too high. Coins can only be earned once a day and no matter how many gyms you are in those other Pokémon can only earn gym prestige Items in shop are very expensive. and the high levels of Stardust, Candy and XP required is astronomical. Simple changes are all that is required to achieve some of your proposals. Cap the levels above 40 to a maximum of3 million XP per level up. reduce the overall costs for game play. It should not need the volume of candy and stardust to evolve or boost Pokémon that is in the game at this time. Before introducing any more changes though, the rural communities need to be resourced far better than they are. Unfairness in game play will lead to the downfall of PO GO

Is this kinda good
I made if fair for both rurals and urbans
Lvl up quests
2: catch a bulbasaur, squirtle or charmander.
3: catch 3 pidgeys.
4: spin 5 pokestops.
5: Choose a team.
6: Battle in a gym
7: Place a pokemon in a gym
8: Use 10 potions
9: Evolve a pidgey
10: Evolve a rattata
11: Have 3 friends(If you are under 13 friends quests will be replaced by win gym battles quests)
12: Trade with a friend(will be replaced by transfer 5 pokemons)
13: Spin 25 pokestops
14: Catch 20 pokemons
15: Use a lucky egg, insence or star piece.
16: Catch 3 pokemons with a great ball
17: Have a 1000cp+ pokemon.
18: Evolve a pidgeotto and a loudred
19: Win a raid.
20: Catch a dratini, mareep, larvitar, ralts, trapinch, bagon or beldum.
21: Win 10 gym battles.
22: Appraise a pokemon that is (Highest in possible from first message, dependa on team Example for team mystic: Your pokemon is a wonder, what a breathtaking pokemon.)
23: Catch a pikachu.
24: Evolve 10 pokemons.
25: Power up 10 diffrent pokemons
26: Catch 10 pokemons that cant evolve.
27: Catch a dragon type
28: Transfer 3 evolved pokemons
29: Spin 5 gyms
30: Evolve a dratini, mareep, latvitar, ralts, trapinch or beldum.
31: Catch 100 normal type pokemons
32: Spin 100 pokestops
33: Win 100 gym battles
34: Win 10 raids
35: Win a tier 3 raid without other players
36: Get 50 coins a day 7 days in a row
37: Catch 200 pokemons
38: Catch 5 fire types
39: Obtain 20 max revives from pokestops, gyms or raids.
40: Defeat a lvl 50 Mewtwo with 3 pokemons in 5 minutes.


Lpve them, but I would personally add a lot more fpr one level
Par example, 40 would be beat Red in 6v6 (just symbolic since his team sucks), earn 500k dust, catch 5 Dragon-types, catch 3 Ditto, spin 100 Pokestops, catch 200 Pokemon, beat Arceus in a 1v1

I’d love to see multiple tasks you need to complete, like Niantic did for Mew. However, I like the idea.

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Im making way more levels so some are actually easy