New items, systems suggestion that can help improve Pokemon GO

Hi Everyone. Most of us here have been playing the game for more then a year now and believe everyone would have their own version of the game. The version where its ideal for you and those around you. In the spirit of the all new Super Incubator, here are some of MY IDEA that may be a good ideas to make this game better.


I imagine this item would be sold in the game. Cost should be 80 coins like normal Lucky egg. The color of the egg would be white with a heavy shade of pink/purple. What does it do? It doubles the amount of stardust we get from hatching egg, catching Pokemon and feeding berries to defending Pokemon.

People might say, “It will be the end of double stardust events” and my answer is not at all. We had a couple of double XP events even with the existence of Lucky Egg since the beginning.

  1. BIKE

Another Item that will be sold in the shop. Cost should be vary based by distance it can cover. What does it do? This item allows us to increase the speed limit in the game so now bikers can go a little faster ( maybe more then 30km/h ) and still get candies for the buddy Pokemon and hatch eggs at the same time. You can’t catch Pokemon or spin Pokestop unless you stop or slow down enough if using a go plus.

This item should have an ‘on and off’ button because like in real life, we can choose whether we wanna bike or walk when playing the game. Since its an item that you can buy, this should exist so that you don’t waste it. Why? because it should ( or will have) a limit to its usage. For example 10KM for normal bike and 20KM for premium bike. Normal bike should cost about 100 coins while the Premium Bike would cost 180 coins.

Honestly I would want this to be an in game mode but I don’t think Niantic will ever do such a thing. This would be a great help for bikers but it will cost money. A lot of money. The price is my price tho, it could be a lot cheaper.


Remember the old data mine about the different type of incense? This has the same idea but its a bit different. This item is also for the shop just like incense it has different variation and different function

i) Fishing Rod - Use 80 coins and only water type Pokemon will spawn for you for the next half an hour. Also increase chance of spawning other Pokemon that spawn in water biome like Dratini

ii) Repel - Unlike in the original games, this repel will repel Pokemon that naturally spawn near you. If you live in a grass biome like myself, you will stop seeing the Pokemon from that biome but you will see Pokemon from different ones.

I have to think of more ideas like this. I hope you guys have some input yourself. Niantic hasn’t openly talk about biomes but we can assume that they would do this kind of item for the game.


Finally, something you don’t really have to buy! There are so many ways to make the choosing a team part of the game more meaningful other then getting extra balls in raids. For starters Niantic can make global and local leaderboards. See which player is the best battlers, most experience in a day, most raids won of the day and best team of the day.

My idea would take luring to the next level. Niantic should make lures, team based. When a pokestop is lured, we can see the petals falling from the lures and the petal’s color is pink. What if, the petal’s color follow the team of the lurer? I’m a Mystic trainer and when I lure a pokestop, the petals becomes blue.

I saw Trainer Tip’s video when he and Reversal was racing each other to lure up stops and I got the idea from there. Not just that, Niantic could make blue Lures lure more Water and Ice Pokemon. Yellow (Instinct) lure more Electric Pokemon and Red ( Valor) more fire types. I don’t know about you guys, but I pictured a colorful map with Blue, Yellow and Red all over and its pretty.


Speaking about Pokestop, what if the all the pokestops have more functionality. The most popular idea was that it should be used as a healing hub for pokemon. That was a good idea but I have more. Poketop should have more then 1 useable slots so that we could put more stuff or more types of lures. Here are some ideas of the new lure (which of course have to use more money)

i) Type specific lures - a lure that can only lure specific type of pokemon much like the colored petals idea or the fishing rod idea. This could only work with some types. I don’t think Niantic will have a dragon type lure.

ii) Bounty lure - Simply doubles the item drop. Also, increase chance of getting new evolution items. There might be multiple new ones in Gen 4

iii) Extend lure - double the time of the other lures and increase the range of the pokestop usability by 10 meter radius.

In my opinion, lures are pretty much the most boring item (incense are pretty useful for rural player) in the PokeStore now. What if Niantic decides to spice things up. Make lure and interesting while making Pokestop do more thing. That would be awesome. Niantic, make lures great again.

There you have it! Some of the ideas that I have that could make the game better, in my opinion. I know most of my idea needs us to use a lot of money but I only thought of it that way because I realized that Niantic is a company and this game that we love so much is a business and businesses needs to make money. I hope some of this can become a reality. NOW, I want to hear everyone’s ideas and thoughts. You like my idea? You hate it? Just comment why. Lets make it a discussion.


All great ideas that would help all players, but based on the current speed of Niantic we would all be lucky to get even one of your suggestions in the next Year.


Yeah… :frowning: I hope at least we get more new items in the next big update…

Hopefully the Soothe bell will be added for evolution. (just kidding)

These are wonderful ideas - can we post them on the Hub as an article?


Why not introducing new types of evolution with limitations (From the main series of Pokemon game),the feature of encountering Pokemon before capturing them and abilities to Pokemon GO?

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You should be able to chuse the attack

Regarding #2 (the bike)

I think it’s a little unfair to have to “buy the right” to ride your bicycle. I mean, you already had to spend money for your real-life bicycle; why should you have to spend in-game coins to buy an in-game bicycle?

Also, this feature of increasing the speed limit can be abused by drivers. Simply, drivers will buy the bicycle and then they can drive faster on the roads, which puts children/pedestrians at greater risk of getting hit by a distracted driver.

The rest of the them are nice though.

Sure. Publish it. That would be cool

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That, for me is definitely in should be its own article. Plus, I think people already liked this throwing pokeballs mechanic

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I saw that problem too. But Niantic can make it that its still in a save range for the speed. Buying the bike is expensive as I said in the article, but its one of the way to lessen the abuse of this system. Car drivers would still have to drive slow, and it will break after several KMs.

I’m sorry, I don’t get this part? Chuse? I’m not very good at English

He means choose as in “I choose you”

Thank you but I still don’t get the meaning.

It means to pick. you have better English than him anyway

I’ve already created topics base on new features and systems so you may check it out.

Some ideas are really good but other are not that great.

No because we already have Lucky Egg for XP and adding this one game is even more Pokecoin based(P2W) oh and double stardust events.

I can easly see people would just drive around and hatch eggs and meaning of game “discover the world” would mean nothing.

Even more Pokecoin based!

Now this one is really good but i need to say something.
Adding multiple leaderboards for one location it would be too hard for NiA to implement and i think it should be more of a Gym control per cell/location(like Ingress have with MUs).
Also adding lures, team based is okay with me but still it would be even more Pokecoin oriented(P2W).Rather make that you need to control Pokestops like portals in Ingress and one team would have benefit out of it so other team must attack to have benefit out of it(like more Pokeballs,ect.)

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Yet don’t forget the Pokemon center idea.

I don’t think Niantic would give us new features for free I’m afraid. I wanna be as realistic as possible and possibly not getting the reader’s hope high.

The buying part really puts people off but its the reality of the game, for now, if this ideas ever becomes a reality

I do agree on that one.
Thats why many mobile games such as PoGo is P2W at least for now Ingress isnt and im gonna stay on that side.
Yes yes someone will say that frackers are bad but they are not nearly bad as Lucky Eggs or Incubators in PoGo set aside Premium Raid tickets.

As far as i see Niantic will just add more coin based items.It is very sad for such a game so young.

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