New gyms/ pokestops

I am in rural India quite often. when i move here there are no yms or poke stops for miles. I am in a commercial establishment and come quite often. request please advise how I can suggest this place for a gym and a poke stop

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Make friends with an Ingress player that is over level 11. They can submit new portals, and those portals quite often make it into PokemonGO.

Its down to level 10 actually :slight_smile:

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Oh, I should level up my second account… Or not, too busy playing Pokémon!

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When you submit a new Ingress Portal is there somehow a possibility to influence if it becomes a new gym?

Sort off.

0-1 objects --> 0 gyms
2-5 objects --> 1 gym
6-19 objects --> 2 gyms
20-26 objects --> 3 gyms
27+ objects --> unknown

You should check out This reddit thread about it. very interesting and if you place portals correctly, you can easilly get alot of new gyms in your area.

Thank you :slight_smile: