New Gyms Added - Discussion

Well we just got 7 NEW GYMS added in 2 DAYS!is this in your town too?:cry: I will just focus on other gyms!I will not always defend all of these new Gyms!This is TOO MUCH GYMS!The only thing i want is a Gym in our Street!

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Lol at least you have 7 gyms the closest to my house is 30 minutes away

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In 2 days we got exactly 0 new gyms.
I think my city got too little instead of too much.

How is this a problem. At worst you have 7 new opportunities to do raids. The only downside to gyms versus stops is that you don’t get quests from gyms.

Was this some type of masked sarcasm?


We have got no new gyms here unfortunately. Not enough ingress activity.

I could never complain a bout getting excess gyms. More chances for coins, raids, ex.

I would love more gyms.

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7 gyms? I was excited about 1 gym appearing in my block…

Well im about to report you for trolling…
We have 120 gyms, if we get 30 new ones tomorrow i still wont complain its too much.
Theres never enough gyms!!!

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Lol i want a gym in my favourite park, it doesn’t have any…

I’m waiting for the park across from my house to get a Gym.

What gave you the idea that you have to conquer and defend every single gym in town?

Think opportunity, not obligation.

Lol i dont even have 7 gyms.
Not even 3

I have 45 gyms or something now 3 new gyms added again…

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Still no new gyms here, despite the fact that some really obvious town landmarks etc aren’t yet gyms. (or pokestops)

I have 0 gyms or stops within sight but 2 stops a ten minute walk away.

I love getting gyms to fight over.

8 new gyms last week for @Kevin260709 and me, 3 of those EX gyms.
This week already have 1 new gym again and we still have a few days to go. We expect more

It’s a luxury problem yes, but it’s starting to get a little annoying :blush:

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Why? Its not like you NEED to have those gyms for your team… Just take a few.

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you are taking my post too serious.

I don’t care about having those gyms for my team, i’m instinct, we stand no chance. I had just gotten all gyms at gold when the new ones started to appear. It’s good and i’m happy with that. But my plan to fan out to nearby towns for other gyms is gone now. Also the gyms are in the lesser interesting (PoGo wise) parts of the city and far away.

As i said, it’s a luxury problem. And a good one. But the ‘sigh, another one?’ feeling is growing in the group :smile:

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Instinct rules this entire area of 50x50km

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