New exraid criteria speculation

5 Notes from the new Exraid Criteria Announcement from Niantic

Speculation but just sharing what I’ve comprehended.

  1. More new exraid gyms.
    Do they use the updated tags from osm or do they increase the remaining criteria(more osm tags included etc.) That remains to be seen.
  1. Recently may mean a week time frame. Safely from the last exraid time to the distribution period for the next expass ONLY.

  2. A few more unknown tweaks to the trainers selection.
    Hopefully everyone gets their Mew2.

  3. Higher level gym badge may be even more likely to get expass.
    Hopefully Niantic stays true to their word. Lots of people got their expass at exraid gyms while holding a bronze and silver (15% below) badge prior to receiving.

  4. More accumulated raids in the raiding timeframe at anywhere may improve chances for exraid pass provided that they raid an exraid gym at least once.
    As usual, please stay true to this. Many dedicated and hardcore trainers are always left out from expass distributions.

  1. I assume more gyms in a single cell would yield EX Passes
  2. That wasnt already active?
  3. Giving it to everyone is stupid, they should just make it so it rewards those who actually do something about the raid
  4. Already in, a whole quarter of passes are given to those who have a gold
  5. agreed
  1. Agree definitely
  2. Weekly EX raids is how it already works i think
  3. Yes, people should all get an equal chance
  4. Agree definitely
  5. This should happen.

I still feel the EX system is broken. People in rural areas have no chance of getting Mewtwo, even if they complete 1000 raids a month, if they don’t have enough players in their town. This is extremely unfair, especially when in urban areas one raid is often enough.

In other words, a new survey has to be done once the expass was given out. And would it be once a week or twice a week. That remains to be seen

For number 4 that ain’t the case in Malaysia as most people with a gold gym badge and a high level didn’t get an expass from that gym