New EX Passes, 21st/22nd May

And here we go again, Im getting tired of M2 tbh

Meh, ive done 86 Kyogre, got my 100% at the 85th try so i wont mind a few more shots at M2. “Only” had 12 yet so far.

Ive had 9 so far, I have 10th this tuesday and 11th next week
Sure, I wouldnt mind getting a better one
And Im glad we managed to trigger (unintentionally) the second park we have near

It’s a shame i can’t go to the first one

6 in a row missing for me given up contacting them they just go you can always get another by raiding at that gym I’m like ye I do but there on fucking monday and Tuesday it’s bull shit

You are so lucky dude! Where are those parks?!!

What do you expect them to do, move the raid time just for you so you can try to solo it? Just give your account to a friend that can go

I’m not comfortable sharing the exact locations, but they’re all local parks near me

Ok, No problem, good luck with that tho. Hopefully I get one anytime soon :pensive:

They all work

I’ve had one EX raid and we got excessively close to not beating it.

I have two, my friend has three. We pretty consistently get invites when they go out. Our town is roughly 35k people and our players are really organized so anyone who wants a legendary is basically guaranteed to get one. I’m going to start blowing off the EX raids out of sheer ennui.

I can’t do tomorrow’s (1pm - 1:45pm) and next weeks (6pm - 6:45pm) is no good also. Had the times been in reverse and I would have been ok.
With a 3rd Tuesday Raid in a row it’s going to be a while before we get to weekend Ex Raids again.

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