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New error that prevents signing in


Oh, that’s bad. Try re installing the app

This isn’t through an app, it’s through Google on my phone whenever i try and sign in. Seems to be strictly a mobile-based issue as i can sign in fine on a computer


Try to reset your phone and reset the app

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It works whenever i refresh the page, but it’s still a weird error


Try to make a new account


Thanks. Just had this on PC (mobile worked fine) and remembered seeing it before. Refreshing the page did the trick but really weird yeah.

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Just as a follow up i encountered this pop-up over 15 times in the span of around 6 hours and this time refreshing the page didn’t help


Same. Im out of town so only on mobile. Had to switch from chrome to androids own browser to make it work again.

Having this issue again so i did some googling and ran into this:

Maybe someone can look into this? @apavlinovic i think perhaps?

Had this problem yesterday too when I tried to log in on my laptop.

Me too…

This happened to me on both my laptop and cellphone yesterday Oct 3rd

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I’ve seen this recently, too. I’d like to log into GoHUB on my day off, but get this when I try to login from my day-off location, even if I’m logged out from where I use GoHUB the other 6 days of the week.

It still happens to me semi-frequently, I do log out from cellphone or laptop after I finish.

I keep logged in on 2 devices.Desktop and my phone.I think more people do it on phone and Desktop/Laptop.

Hey guys i’m back! I got this error trying to log in for 3 weeks but i’m able to log in again :blush: Let’s just hope i don’t get shut out for longer :crossed_fingers:t2:


Yess ur back


I got this error again today, but after I refreshed the page, I was able to log in.

Thought you were gone forever this is great glad your back I sent a gift and bye