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New error that prevents signing in

I have this issue now. 2 days in a row. Can any of the @moderators check if any of the ip’s tried to login with is blocked? Most likely it starts with a 6. The other ip my phone.

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The registered start with a 14…

I don’t see anything with your account. Have you tried clearing the cache in your phone?

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My phone works fine. The IP range of my PC most likely starts with 62. The one giving me trouble. The cache is cleared yesterday. Trouble since than.

@MrHeineken88, did you try to log in from your computer after you use/log out from your cellphone, or the other way around???

It gives me this error semi-frequently after I log out from my cellphone and try to log in from my laptop, OR after i log out from my laptop and log in from my cellphone.

I’m having a weird IP bug also @MrHeineken88


@bagguille @Thorend the PC that can’t login has an IP that starts with 62. The IP of the phone that getting me in starts with a 10.

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I was using Chrome, No way I can get in. Now, same IP, I can log in using IE. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

I’m did an internet search and there seems to be some history of issues with discourse and chrome. I’m going to do more reading to see if there are any solutions.

Than I need to start digging if I can find any remaining data storred. Cleared all of it. Incognito doesn’t help, what should if it was a cookie problem.

Annnnd it happened again…

I will check


Changed IP rate limiting, try now



It worked now, no issue. No need to reload.
Hopefully , @JoshHack can get on now

I tried to log on many times from my laptop today, it failed. So I logged from cellphone but it still gave me same error, I restarted it and it worked.

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This is strange, after days of not being able to enter, now i can log in again. Changed noting, not even my IP.

I could enter without a problem.

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@apavlinovic fixed some of it. @MrHeineken88

Seems like it. Don’t know what happend, I just happy to get in again.:grin::grin::grin:

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