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New error that prevents signing in

@JoshHack has been blocked for 1 month

sounds like a nightmare!!!

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The worst one… in real life! :scream:

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Still cant log in via work PC. So not logging out at home/mobile

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He is still blocked!
Rip @JoshHack :sob:

I wasn’t able to log in on my laptop, too. Then I changed the IP adress (or I think I did) of my laptop, and it worked.

It’s just stange. On my mobile I can login on cellular or wifi. My pc, connected through the same router, couldn’t connect earlier. Thorend fixed it somehow. But I seems it still remains an issue. The builders of the forum should fix that.

Maybe they can create a backdoor that allows you when you can login with one device to unlock the other devices that is blocked (the device it self or it’s IP address) in the settings menu.

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My idol is still block lol

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You mean your regular?

Switching to my phones (dual SIM) other SIM (D2 Klarmobil) helped me to log in again. Tried before multiple times the day. Wasn’t able to login with my Congstar D1 SIM or Unity Media Cable Network. There seem to be major IP range blocking aktive which prevents login from these networks.

I did normal refresh through button at top of Firefox, didn’t work.
Did the F5 button, and tried to login again. Nothing.

USED CTRL + F5 to force refresh (and likely clear stuff out) and was able to login!

Hope this helps.

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