New community day feature

An idea i had for future community days would be to allow all past community “special moves” to be allowed to be gained.

So on all new and up coming community days you would still have chance for past moves that may have been missed. Didnt get tyranitar with smack down? dont worry next community day you can get it.

Not to take away the rareness but to give chances to trainers who may have missed the “move”

What yall think? missed charizard cday? eevee day you evolves to charizard you get blast burn.

edit -
No, shinies from past community days wont increase. Only their moves will be available.

  • Yes i want past community day moves
  • No
  • Yes and maybe their shinies increased
  • Can’t decide

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I quite like this idea, maybe with some handicaps. You can’t be able to go and get a ton of exclusive move Pokemon after the day. Maybe only 1 Pokemon per species per event could get the move.

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Almost had this implemented, we got 1 extra day to get Eevee move. Thats 1 step closer to this.

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:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: Niantic is listening.