New Avatar Items

More new avatar items, this time Legendary and Mythical Pokemon themed

Should do 1 for every CD.

I want a shiny charizard shirt. Fire blaze.


I dont care as long as they cost coins. Makes little sense to give rewards you have to pay for.


Not going to purchase any clothing items until all my storage space is maxed out.

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Got the [email protected], shame that I had to put away that jacket for 500

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not going to purchase any clothing items until:

  • all my storage space is maxed out (done)
  • all my item space is maxed out (done)
  • they stop offering good boxes with raid passes
  • if previous rule does not apply: buy single raidpasses
  • if above rule does not apply: buy single incubators
  • if all of the above do not apply, save coins for next box event

conclusion: never buying cosmetics


I think after all this time of not buying any, that the latios and latias one is actually worth it because i like them enough.

I have to admit i like them aswell and even thought a second about buying.

But then i remembered Niantic keeps screwing me over:
last event i had 1 measly shiny; this event 1 measly shiny Aron (not even a new shiny FFS/ almost 100 aerodactyl caught), with over 500 legendary raids done i only got 1 x 100% IV where everyone else seems to get them for free (we had 100% shiny ho-oh for a dude that raided 3 days!).

Yeah…not buying. No spending at all for the time being even.

I know it’s completely irrational… But it’s pink… and it’s Mew… :heart_eyes: :heart_eyes: :wink:

I’d totally buy this in real life, too.