New alola clothing?

This just came up in news …


I’d get the new hat if you could change the color. Until then, I’ll keep my Mimikyu hat. I would never choose those shorts though.

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I wish male and female clothes could be interchangeable.

Who seriously designed those male shorts, what the actual crap, short shorts and leggings? Is there absolutely no supervision on this garbage, who lets this crap through and why is there not an option for men who don’t want to dress like women? Seriously it’s skinny jeans, capris, and short shorts, I JUST WANT SOME REGULAR PANTS!!

There are probably bigger things for Niantic to worry about in the game right now than a selection of free pants we get to choose from…


If they had the time to make this ugly crap then they had time to make something decent

All good fam - I’m sure something good will come up later on :joy::rofl: