Never got another one 😞

So about a year ago I got my first (and only…and I’ve been playing since release) EX Raid invite. I was new and didn’t know anything about it. I missed the raid because of work so I deleted it off my inventory because I was salty. Ever since I’ve been playing like a mad man…why haven’t I even invited ever again? What could I do? Thank you so much in advanced!


Ex-raids may be a thing of the past now.

Keep in mind when reading below article:

  • We just got confirmed Mewtwo will be available via normal raiding in 2 weeks.
  • with mewtwo in normals raids, we either get a new EX boss (Deoxys?) and the rest stays the same; or we get a new EX system. If the latter happens, the entire guide below is useless. Most likely will not happen though.

To sum op the guide:
find EX gym, raid there, get pass.


Not sure how much you know about the Ex Raid system @Steve ?
Not every Gym can have Ex Raids. Only certain Gym are what they call Ex Eligible. It’s something to do with Cells and areas deemed Parklands/Recreational. Sponsored Gyms can be exceptions to that.
The exact triggers are not known or divulged by Niantic but through a lot trials by groups globally there are some things that are known. You need somewhere between 20 and 30 unique trainer accounts Raid that Ex Eligible Gym in the week. The tier of the Raid or how many in the Lobby does not matter. Mutiple Raids by the same Trainer in the week has no influence either.
When it comes time to issues the Ex Passes the game does a heap of calculations in trying to maximize the amount of Gyms triggering an Ex Pass for that week. Some trainers hit multiple Ex Eligible gyms and this can affect weather a particular Gym triggers an Ex Raid even though the numbers have been met. Their number may be shifted to trigger another and make another Gym fall below the threshold. I hope all that is not too confusing as it can be complicated.
Passes go out a week before the Ex Raid is on. During that period between the Pass issue and the Ex Raid the Gym will have no Raids of any kind at all on it, commonly referred to as Raid Lock. Once the Ex Raid is done the Gym is unlocked again for raiding and the cycle starts all over again. The window to trigger and Ex Raid is only a week. If the gym does not get one in that week the counter of unique trainers is reset to 0 for the new week to try again.
Quite a few of us have this down to a very fine art and were getting Ex Raids every week as we knew which Gyms to hit each week and worked in Groups to make sure we had the numbers to set one off. Your local Pogo community groups are good for this.

Having typed all the above the future of Ex Raids is unknown at this point as the last issue of Passes never went out 3 days ago when they should have due to the Global Challenge.
We are all waiting to see what happens or if MewTwo is being replaced with something else. Niantic are not saying anything atm.