Network Connections

For sometime I have having problems playing Pokémon Go. I am a rural player who goes to three towns to play. Sometime ago I noticed no streets would be indicated or they would appear in the distance but not in my vicinity. This first happened in only one town but now in all. I have no trouble where I live or ironically at the local Walmart. Otherwise unable to play. Last time was during first Community day at one park. Has this sort of thing happened to anyone? Sorry about lengthy post. CCII


Two possibilities:

  1. Somebody was messing with OSM and deleted them, do you still see the gyms and pokestops?
  2. Its tagged as “military area” by OSM, so no map will appear (although you should see the gyms and Pokéstops as well)

That makes sense. I notice that players have been able to change OSM. I’m not savvy with that sort of thing. Is there a way to learn? I’m not only Rural rural but I have never seen players out. They’re in gyms but never around. Likely no team available for support there. Your post encouraging. Pokemon Go Hub has been my learning curve. Thanks. CC II

Oops. Yes I still see stops and gyms. Just unable to play them.