Need Some Revives

So a few of my pokemon have been killed in battle, and i need some revives, can you get them from stops and gyms ? I need to know before i get rid of some items as my " Bag is full "

Yes. From Gym Stops, PokéStops and from Raids can you obtain them.

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Make sure you are spinning gym stops while this event is on - more revives & potions available to you.

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You can, but they are much more rare. Once you reach higher levels you get 10-15 as rewards for leveling up tho.

You will get the most amount of Revives from Raid battles.
Spinning Gyms tends to give more health items than Pokestops, spin all that you can.
Some quests also reward with Revives.

One thing is certain though. The game AI knows you need them so won’t give you many making you play longer to get them. It works like that for just about every item you can get from a Pokestop/Gym.

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I need some potions.But with the battle showdown its easier to get potions.