Need help with raids

I’m in gonzales TX and need help with raids it’s just me and my 2 brothers

I guess you will have to ask spoofers, doesnt look like there could be anybody playing the game other than you

My cousin in tx but he works all day…cant really raid

As far as i can see in those gyms there are about 10~15 different people. You could try getting in contact with other teams.

Try to go on Discord to find a Group for raiding

Oh alright, I just saw the approximate population and didnt think there would be more than 5 players

I have a solution but you won’t do it so just google your city and try to get in company with players

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What’s Discord

How did you see how many people are on the gyms


And discord is a communication app. Bit like whatsapp, but you can create a group and have sub-channels for better oversight. But i think you need to find your local community in real life first before you can join that. If they even have a discord server.

Ok thanks