Need help to report spoofing

Need to know how to report someone the guy in the picture


Send it to niantic support
what did he do?

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Go the support page, but you’re going to need compelling evidence. For instance, repeated times he’s taken down a gym without being physically present or helping in raids despite his not being physically there. Things like that.


Yeah, good luck with that.


Yes, you needed a lot of luck as just what I have done before but to no avail.

So I just move on, and find my own nest :grin:

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Sounds like it’s better just to leave it alone

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Just get even if you can, else better to leave it alone as what you’ve said :grin:

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Niantic probably won’t do much about spoofing because they spend more money in the game than legit spoofers.


Around here a lot of players will raid from the cozy confines of their car or apartment, if the gym in-question is within range for that. I certainly do that to the extent that I can when it’s raining. If you can show that there wasn’t an opportunity for that (e.g. if the gym is too distant from any place that a player could be hidden from your sight), then you might have more of a case.

It seems to be one of the trade-offs of not showing physical locations of nearby trainers on the map (stemming, I suspect, from Niantic’s goal to prevent the game from being used as a tool for physically targeting others while they are playing).


And that adds another layer of complication to the matter. It’s honestly next to impossible to report spoofing proper, although I’ve found a few on Discord where one RSVPs at Raids that are two miles apart but five minutes hatch time apart…and he makes both of them. Yeah, likely.

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I know I’m probably wrong, but I’m just making a joke for the ones who got it, Guess you didn’t.


I was talking about the money part, there was a joke in it?

I probably responded to you on wrong thread. Just saw notification and responded to that.

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I glad you got it.

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He called you a D*ck

What, who

I like the sofa medal graphic; but trying to imagine the diff between spoofer and ‘legit spoofer’ keeps crashing my brain…


That’s what lul means right