Need Help: Changing (Adding?) a New Charged Move for Venusaur

Hello folks, first post here.

Yesterday, I traded for a 7,000 CP, 93.3 IV Bulbasaur. I had enough Candy, so I leveled it up to a Venusaur.

Unfortunately, my movesets were Razor Leaf and Sludge Bomb. Possible Venusaur movesets are:

Fast: Vine Whip, Razor Leaf
Charged: Solar Beam, Petal Blizzard, Sludge Bomb

I’ll be using this primarily for gym attacks, so here are some questions:

  1. Do I want Vine Whip and Solar Beam?

  2. Assuming I try to get Solar Beam first, should I spend 10,000 Stardust + 25 Candies to Add a new move, or should I use a Charged TM?

  3. If I Add a move, and it turns out to be Petal Blizzard, will a Charged TM guarantee me a Solar Beam?

  4. If so, should I change the Fast moveset to Vine Whip after I’m finished with the Charged moveset?

  5. Or, should I do nothing at all, and just wait? As it stands, this is a good gym defender, but I don’t really care about defending gyms for more than a few hours.

Thanks if you can help - the thing I’m stuck on the most is “Add 2nd Move vs. Charged TM.”

Kind regards,

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  1. Yes
  2. Depends on your ammount of dust
  3. Yes
  4. Yes
  5. Unless you have abundance of resources, wait
    Venusaur isnt that good anyways without Frenzy Plant
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Thanks, Necrozmadabest.

I have 300K-ish Stardust, so spending 10K won’t hurt much. But, as you say, I’m wondering if I should just leave it be - I have a 100IV Venusaur with Vine Whip and Solar Beam, and it does pretty well - I have a couple of other, lesser ones with Frenzy Plant which is great, but gone forever, I assume. :frowning:

Maybe I should have just left this as a Bulbasaur. Hmm …

  1. Vine Whip and Solar Beam are ideal (since you’re unable to get Frenzy Plant), so yes.
  2. I would recommend that to give yourself type coverage, and that move should be Sludge Bomb.
  3. Adding the second move will narrow down the available choices of any move to two, so it guarantees a move in this case. So yes, I would add the second move first if you’re aiming for Solar Beam. I did that for Gyarados and ended up getting Crunch. My first move was Outrage, so all I had to do was use a Charged TM to get Hydro Pump once I selected Crunch to be changed.
  4. Vine Whip is faster in an Attack Setting. It really doesn’t do anything faster in a Defender setting, so as a Gym Defender, either one will do. If you plan on using it in Raids (like against Kyogre), Vine Whip will be the best option.
  5. I would go ahead and pursue it if you don’t have any other priorities regarding 2nd moves, leveling up and so forth.

Thanks, Arem.

PS - I’m Level 38, and my general strategy is to try and get the best IV of each Pokemon (example: I have a 100 IV Croconaw that I didn’t Evolve last weekend, because I already have a 100 IV Feraligator).

That said, when I come across a 100 IV Pokemon, I invest fast and furiously: I level it up to 30, evolve it, and use whatever TMs are needed to get the best Moveset. I’ve even done this with things like Paras, Whismur, etc. Probably not the smartest thing in the world, but neither is wasting time playing this addicting game. :slight_smile:

My one regret with Pokemon so far has been Evolving too soon - there are advantages to waiting with unevolved Pokemons (community day moveset, for example).


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That’s exactly how I approach this game. I go a step further by keeping only one of every species, and keeping the best. I’ve even thrown out other 100% Geodude because I already had one, and with the two Charged movesets a thing, I can simply get the other good move it can learn on the one I have.

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Arem, it’s a dilemma having two Pokemon with HighCP+LowIV and LowCP+HighIV

Example: two Golems, one with 2600CP and 82.2 IV, the other with 1400CP and 91.1 IV.

What do you do in that situation, keep the high IV? I’ve had some really awful 95.6 Pokemons (like, at Level 4).

I caught a 100% Squirtle at Level 5. It may be an investment, but it got leveled up. It was well after the Squirtle Community Day, and sadly, it was evolved before it’s return in December.

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Thought you’d all appreciate this. :scream:

PS - I got Solar Beam on the first try. Thanks for your help, both of you.

BTW, for whatever reason, my Venusaurs come up fairly often in battle.

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Its bulky, thats why