Need help and advice regreding phone to buy

hi all i need help i use atm sony xperia xz, and i used car charger and even mobile charger, unfortunly now nearly over 2 years my phone is about to die, my battery dieing fast get overheat the cpu and the gpu choke when i use charger and pokemon go, i am aware this was unhealthy use style but i willing to change my ways, and i want to buy a new phone, i need a phone with strong battery that will last so i wont need to use mobile chargers or car charger, and i need a phone with the best performanceses there is so my pokemon go will run smoothly without choke, and ofc i live in a hot enviroment so i need a phone that not overheat (proper cooling),sorry for the long message and would appricate your suggestion, just as side note badget is without limit.

I play fine on a Moto G5s+, battery saver is very effective and I can play for a long time and there’s little to no lag.

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