Nearby Pokémon section improvement - wishful thinking

Now when you register a rare pokémon it stops appearing in Nearby Pokémon section.
How many times have you been close to a Snorlax, Chansey, Larvitar, Ralts, Beldum etc. and does not mark it?

Niantic can prioritize rare pokémon in Nearby Pokémon section or go further and allow players to customize it choosing which pokémon to prioritize.


Those “rare” Pokemon are restricted to Pokemon that you haven’t got in the Dex yet. But I don’t know how I would feel about the rare Pokemon always being prioritised in the nearby feature

That wouldve been an amazing improvement


yeah, having common pokemon on the nearby quite often is not going to get someone excited enough to take a walk rather than sit around and hope something decent spawns.

I for one would do a lot more walking if I knew there was something decent hiding somewhere away from wherever I am.

If the nearby section ever gets improved I’d even suggest to make it sortable, so that we can choose what we want. Either by distance (nearest first) or by rarity (rarest in a certain distance range first). Maybe you can think of more possible sort orders?
And if we are already tampering with it, why not bring back the footsteps tracker and make both available at the same time? (maybe add another tab…)