My Ridiculous Expectations For PvP ( Chart Included)

  1. I expect for every fast and charge move that a pokémon can currently learn be accessible in PvP matches only. This would probably make mew the best overall option.

  2. Each pokémon must be unique. So you can’t use the same species in a single match.

  3. Battles should be able to be performed anywhere and limited if you’re not at a gym.

  4. There should be a collective max CP cap for all 6 pokémon per tier. The chart below is just a mock-up but you get the idea.

Tier Level Tier Group Collective CP Total
Tier 1 Babies, marrill, shuckle 3,000 CP
Tier 2 Starters, plusle, sudowoodo, butterfree 7,500 CP
Tier 3 Raichu, absol, jynx, bayleef 9,000 CP
Tier 4 Gengar, jolteon, poliwrath, scizor 20,000 CP
Tier 5 Machamp, entei, mewtwo, dragonite 30,000 CP

This chart is just to give an example based on TDO against a tier 5 raid boss. Pokémon names used are not fixed to each tier group.


I like number 1 because it would give Mew a niche use.

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I know right?

Well it’s probably more than a niche use for mew but it’s good for other Pokémon also

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This is why I’d prefer PvP to have us use defensive moves too. If I’m using my water moves slowking and someone brings in their venusaur I should be able to defend myself and switch to confusion and psychic or fire blast.

Hey welcome back! I’ve missed you… :grin:


LOL hey

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@ImNotReallyANerd, how do both trainers select the tier level? Do both trainers have to agree on certain tier before they select the respective CP pokemons?

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I hadn’t thought of that but yeah that sounds like a great idea.

I like everything except the tiers.

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I like everything, @ImNotReallyANerd is Amazing!


What do you mean?

Number 4

Number 4 is probably what will happen to prevent people from just using the same attackers you’d use in a raid all of the time.

Well, maybe there will be some sort of cost to do PvP againstother players

If there is I hope it doesn’t suck.