My opinion on Pokemon Go

My opinion on Pokemon Go.

I live in a small rural town. About 0.4 miles away from the edge of my town is another bigger town. My town has more pokestops gyms and spawns than the neighbouring town however. The two are connected by a short road but if it is closed thanks to the terrain, the detour is about 18 miles.
Early on in Pokemon Go any little change mattered so much. Every tiny change became huge. The first event - the halloween one was so exciting. The hype for gen 2 built up enough so as when they did release the baby Pokemon even that small change was really exciting. They released Gen 2 far too late. Not as many people came back as could have if they had released the whole thing in December or November. The quarterly updates were a good idea. The second update of the year brought the gym rework which was exciting until we found out how difficult coin collection was. This update was such a disappointment for some of our group that we lost 3 players from our group. We had gone from 12 to 9 but at the time that made no difference. It was when the raids appeared that the real repercussions of losing a quarter of our group appeared. Because of lack of literal stuff in the next town, they were all lower level, the highest being 26 at the time. The 4 from my town, were levels 27, 28, 32 and 34. We beat the alakazam raid with about 5 seconds to spare. We thought we had beaten the hardest raid, because none of us yet knew how the raids worked properly. We got our rare candies and golden berries. It was a very exciting time. Then a level 4 raid appears at another gym on the way back. It is a Tyranitar. We go in, but because only 2 of us had machamp the rest of us were using Vaporeon and rhydon. Needless to say we failed it spectacularly. After this, one of the players from the other town, a level 25, said they were going to stop playing Pokemon GO if there wasn’t a bug with the raids making them too difficult. There wasn’t. They left the group a week later. I did see them a few weeks back, they said they had uninstalled the app stating they would maybe come back for a little bit if gen 3 launched. This brings me onto the third update, which is difficult to determine. I guess it would be legendaries. This made things way worse. We got 8 people for an articuno raid. In the time we got a maximum of 5% done, at the cost of piles of revives.
I did on holiday manage to get some experiences of legendaries. I was on holiday first time during the time when all the birds were here. I got 3 zapdos wins but caught just one. I won 3 moltres but again caught 1. I beat a lugia but didnt catch it. But over all else I got a perspective of what city life is like with Pokemon go. It is many times better. I also had another much shorter trip to a place where entei was present. I beat 3 and caught 1. So i did at least get some legendaries. Quarter 4. Gen 3. I’m still not going to have As many spawns pokestops or gyms as city people but I am ready to hunt. But, new generations are limited. If Pokemon go is centred around new Pokemon they will run out of new Pokemon probably around gen 9 or 10 at current speed. But if they centre it towards raids that will ruin the game for people in areas without enough players to defeat them. The New generation card isn’t a free and easy hype card either. It can very easily die out or cease to exist entirely if not done right. With every passing update the game gets more dull and repetitive. These opinions are likely to change, especially with gen 3 full release in following weeks. We will just need to see.


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