My Opinion on AR+

I really like the concept of AR+ and it makes the game much more realistic, but i also think that Niantic should have waited for AR Core 1.0 to come out to ask Google to use it on Pokemon GO because then Android users could get it at the same time.

I said this because I am a Android user and I am not able to use AR+, which i really want to…

Thank you very much Niantic… (NOT)

Why hold back a feature?
You would get it once ARCore gets released anyways, all it would do is just hold it off for iPhone6s users

Or Iphone SE

Hate it it’s not on iPhone 6

U have Iphone 6?

Yes. Since 2/3 months. I had iPhone 5S but it stopped working. (16GB was too little, it went out with 52%, that sort things.) This iPhone 6 is a ‘stopover’: I only use it until I get a better one, what can be come soon. Instead of iPhone 8 I got this one, because you can’t get a phone from Tele2 anymore😅

Shame AR+ doesn’t work.

Your going for Iphone 8?
I have SE and thats enough to use AR+


Honestly i’ve used AR+ once before, and ended up wasting 7 balls on a Drowzee.

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