My Mons being knocked out of gyms then left empty

Hi is it possible for a someone to set up a spoof account to target my username and knock it out of a gym within 50 mins of me putting one in?

I thought it was a spoofer messing with me… but after some experimenting (putting a Pokémon in the gym at all hours) within 50 mins the gym is battled then left empty. Anyone else is left alone it’s just if I join the gym.

It seems like some automated programme is just waiting for me to join a gym…

It sounds paranoid I know but it’s what is happening…

Any advice?

Hmm, sounds like there are bots in your area that are programmed to take down specific gyms when certain criteria are met. It’s relatively uncommon nowadays, but still happens.

Thanks for the reply, any way around it? Is this something that could continue infinitely, Even after the person who created the bot no longer cares?

There’s no way around it unless the bots owner stops them from doing that. Sorry no-one can really help, but I hope it does get better!


Did you try adding to gyms already captured by someone else of your own color? (there is a slight chance the bot script won’t notice you then) Or does it happen to everybody who’s not of a specific color?
Another thing to test: you can change your nickname within the game settings. (I never tried myself, but the option is there).