My Issue (Please Read)

Hi, I’m a younger teen that has multiple mental issues and this issue has not helped. I loved playing Pokemon GO every day for an hour or so and catching my Pokemon. Today was not okay. Today is logged me out and when I tried multiple times to log in it said it was wrong. I don’t understand why or how it could be wrong but it was. I uninstalled and reinstalled it but nothing. I am really upset and stressed about it because I had about 38 or so levels, a lot of Pokemon, and many completed evolution chains that I don’t wanna lose. I was able to make an account with my mom’s info and stuff but it started me back at level 1 which I don’t want. Does anyone know who I can contact to possibly help because this is honestly making me have a panic attack.

Only the people at Niantic can help you but unless things have changed they are rarely helpful with these matters. The Wife forgot her Password at one point and their advice was sorry start a new account. That was 3 years ago.
The method of raising a ticket for issues changed some time ago so I can’t even point you to the right area now.

When you push down in the center, and after in the right up corner (Options), then you have to go down nearly to the end to find “Get Help”.
From there on you have to choose your problem, but I think it’s called “Account and inition of session”

Isn’t that the process for a user who is logged in already?

Sounds to me like the Niantic problem-reporting web page may be the place to file the help request.

I thought he could do it from the account he put up with the data of his mother.

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What kind of account did you use?

Go reset your password at the social network or company that you have an account with

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Sometimes I have to log out and log in through the other method if I have a different account (PTC, Google, FB or Apple), maybe this could be similar? Did you link your Google acount to it?

I can’t figure out a way to delete this (I’m sorry). Thank you for your help. I was able to get in a while ago and totally forgot I posted this. I feel so bad but thank you for helping me! I appreciate it. :heart:


At least you have noticed what happens… other not even answer.

No worries :slight_smile:
No need to delete this topic — We’ll just auto-close it in a month or so

Thank you so much and again I still feel bad for not responding to my own topic right away. Thank you for letting me know about the auto-close, I appreciate it. Everyone who helped me I hope you have a great day!

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It’s all good, a lot of people never come back again after having asked a question or something similar here.

Also, I am glad you can log in just fine again.

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