My ideas to improve Pokémon GO:Part 2 -Kevin_v_Hoften

My ideas
1.Niantic makes polls for Events and updates
Niantic could make polls for Events and updates.All Players would be able to vote.

The Second idea is PVP.Example how it could work:
Trainer 1:Venasaur,I choose you!
Trainer 2:Charizard,I choose you!
Trainer 1:Hold up,come back Venasaur!Blastiose,I choose you!
Trainer 2:Hold up,come back Charizard!Blastiose,I choose you!
And so on.

3.Pokéstop Submissions
Pokéstop Submissions would be good for Rural Players to get more Pokéstops.

Breeding would be very fun.I have no idea how they will bring this in the game,but it would be cool.

5.Gym Lure Module
A Gym Lure Module would be very fun and an intresting item.As your waiting for someone to come to the raid,you can put on a Gym Lure Module.

6.A Pokémon GO Chat
A Pokémon GO Chat would be very fun and cool.
These are my ideas!:grinning:


Part 2 is 100 times better then first
My rating: 9,5

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What Number do you give to the ideas?

They have pokemon chat apps…but failed apps. They need a in-game pokemon go chat. An can turn off/on chat. So if you dont want to see chats going on. Can turn it off. Vice versa. Pvp not needed really. Why? Bc if you reject someone there will be haters out there competitive haters. Like “hey this guy or girl doesnt play pvp!”

Then lol at you. Spread rumors. So forth. Ppl or friends leave bc your not competitive pokemon go player they usually except you to be. Well i am not.

Now breeding would be great. Have titles too. Like pokemon breeder after such breeding goal. Like 1000 pokemon bred. Get the pokemon breeder title.

Can see title with your name you have. It is a idea.

  1. Would be interesting to see that once or twice, but definetly not for every single event
  2. With this battle system it would just become a switchfest and boil down to who has better IVs for the six Pokémon
  3. Fully agreed
  4. A bit too difficult to implement and wouldnt fit in with a casual game like this
  5. Decent, maybe regular lures should just work on gyms as well
  6. We have other apps for that, but it could help

Yeah but in game Pokémon GO chat for rurals

And how would that do anything? When you meet a person in an area where players are really rare, you add him anyways right?

But most players dont want to share phone number

You dont need phone number

We need to see that @Kevin260709, good ideas!

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Thanks alot!!

@alex9945 why did you give a 3?and what dont you like from my ideas?

You dont need a phone number to send messages?

Not at all, you can use messenger, discord, hangouts, viber, even more

Lol only know discord from that list
And it would be very hard to switch from app every time you need to send a message

Its not hard at all

Rurals have bad internet
So swithing from apps will make Pokémon GO lag

Not really
Besides, you wouldnt chat much while youre playing anyways

Everytime i reopen Pokémon GO it loses my GPS and internet