My ideas about breeding

This is all my opinion, nothing factual here.
I think breeding will operate/have to operate following a few basic rules.
The first is that much like in the original Pokémon games, you’ll need a male and a female of each species. If you don’t have one of them you could substitute it in for a Ditto. A legendary Pokemon could be bred, but only with another legendary Pokemon.
Breeding should produce a walkable egg that should use a special infinite incubator to hatch. Depending on the rarity of the Pokémon you’re breeding will affect the distance the egg will take to hatch. A legendary egg will take longer to walk than a magmar egg. Each egg will contain a Pokemon of a 67% (10/10/10) up to a 100% (15/15/15) Pokemon.
Breeding should be limited in some form to prevent it being overused and abused. Maybe 24h for the initial breeding + the walking distance?


I agree with almost everything, but why make legendaries able to breed?

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In case of trading, but I doubt we’ll ever get trading.

Breeding a Mewtwo army. Tyvm.


Rural players.


You’re already changing too much from the original game breeding. Like, the new pokemon inheriting IV from its parents, or special moves from the male parent. That’s the neat part about breeding in Pokemon games: the result isn’t entirely random. To get a perfect IV, you’ll want to start out with at least some very high IVs. If you want to get a Blissey with Confusion for a fast attack, you’ll have to do a bit of breeding around through a variety of pokemon to get that skill into the Fairy egg-group (and at the end of that trip discover that you’ll only get a Chansey with confusion, not a Blissey xD)

Well im prettysure in the games you cant breed legendarys

This is just a general comment that kind of goes with the point that legendaries cannot breed. There is only one mythical Pokémon that is able to breed- manaphy. When manaphy breeds the egg is phione. This is the only way to obtain phione, so if this Pokémon is ever incorporated, breeding may be needed, but this would be in generation 4.

Legendary Pokémon cannot breed. Pure and simple

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