My go plus not showing what ran

Since the new update of Pokemon go my Pokemon go plus has not been showing what’s ran me so when I Pokemon runs I check my journal to see what I got and miss and I had Pokemon run but it says nothing only the ones I caught So is there like a fix for this or cold it be a bug with the new update

No, I’m playing as well with Pokemon Go Plus and no problem with the Update. It has to be a local problem, but not of the update

I use a Go+ when commuting to & from work. I find that if the Go+ picks up on a Pokémon. (I.e the little pink Go+ icon appears), if I click the Go+ button to catch but the Pokémon hasn’t physically appeared on the map, if it runs then it doesn’t appear in my journal. Got the Go+ in March & has always happened that way for me.

I’m a big Go Plus user. The only time I don’t use it is if I’m sitting on Lures or target hunting Pokemon but it’s always on catching stuff until I get near the target location.
I get a few buzzes where nothing shows in the logs. It put these down to getting out of range. It always happens when I’m moving in the car, never when I’m stationary.

The problem is the fact you’re moving by car. You’re going too slow to go over the speed limit, but too fast to catch Pokemon. The Go+ will realise you move away from the Pokemon too fast for it to capture the Pokemon so the Pokemon will ‘run’. In fact this doesn’t count in any way as a capture attempt. It won’t show in your journal, it won’t show in the seen/caught in your Pokédex and the amount of Poké Balls you have will also stay the same.
Basically your Go+ didn’t try to catch it.

I have this happen when I am stationary as well as when I am moving.