My first raid questions

There is a raid starting by me soon, going by the screen shot will I be battling these two or what ?

EDIT: the guy on the right with 543 is mine

Nope, the raid will automatically generate a Pokemon for you to battle with a very high CP. From the colour of the egg, it will be either a level 3 or level 4 raid.

I’m going to assume you’re a low level so I don’t think you’ll be able to solo the raid so you’ll need a few people there with you to win the battle.

Level 16 dude

those 2 pokemon are defending the gym, they are not the raid.

in the left bottom corner i see a yellow egg, meaning it’s a level 3 or 4 raid.
Only when it hatches you’ll know what it’ll be.
if you tap the corner icon you’ll switch screen to see the egg and timer, which you can also see from outside the gym.

For you: level 3 or 4 are not soloable.
Higher level players can solo level 3
No-one can solo level 4.

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Yeah so some level 3 raids can be done on your own, but not at your level I’m afraid. You need to be up around level 30. But if there are a few players doing the raid you should be ok depending on the Pokemon you are battling.

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Thanks guys :smiley:

When the egg hatches, you will be able to see how many players have joined the lobby. Unless there are 2/3 minimum already in the lobby, it’s not worth your while using a raid pass to battle.

Look out for pink raid eggs, these are level one and two. Level one you should have no problem battling on your own, level two might be a bit harder but still doable.

If you go onto they have guides on battling different raid bosses and what Pokemon to use to counter them.

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You are right guys, I would get 0wn3d
I’m out of Revives at the moment and. Few of my Pokemon are down

of course we are right, that’s why you asked us :smile:

seriously though: good job of just asking here. The community on this forum is very willing to help with all questions. We got no trolls here.

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Even worlds best trainer cant solo that

Is that " Aggron " computer controlled or did somebody fight with it ?

Computer controlled
It attacks every 1.5 seconds and uses his charged attack when its ready

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Sorry for my spelling mistakes

I’m 31 as a level and can just beet Breloom windy weather with 30 secs left machamp with 2 seconds a d omaster with loads in sunny that’s it for 3

I have 3 Rayquaza flying set and 1 lugia 1 moltres for Breloom, mewto for machamp and 1 xatu that’s good

If you want to solo raids, stick to level 1 or 2. Anything more, you will need help. Join your local discord thread. Just show up at a level 5 raid and there will be somebody there that will help you get signed in.