My Experience with Ingress Players

Hi all,
As my comment was reported as spam in one of the news of the website, I’m going to post it here to explain my experience with Ingress players.

Here you go:

I hope Niantic read this message because in my city (I don’t know about other places) Ingress players approve or not a portal if it is good for their team or not. I’m in a Telegram group of Ingress because I started to play it with the purpose of sending portals in the future (Currently I’m level 9 so I can NOT :D). For what I am reading I can say:

-They are not interested at all in new portals, the have their routes, territories and they are not exited as I was for submitting portals (They can submit 7 every 14 days and they haven’t sent almost anything, I would have send all the first day!) What is more, the have an event from 2nd October until 16 October and the wait it more than new portals.

-They try to guess if the owner of the portal is from the other team (Ingress has 2 teams) if it is, the disapprove it even if it valid (REALLY?). The same happens if the portal is in their territory or in the enemy’s one -.-.

The only solution, I hope the OPR to live at least some months to be able to reach level 11 and send portals on my own because, if it is for ingress players, don’t wait too many portals. They don’t worry at all about “pogo” players, they just care about their areas and teams, don’t care about the amount of portals (or the lack of them).

BTW: my city has more than 250.000 people living in, is a big one with a lot of new places to submit portals. I even have a list of places. They haven’t shown interest at all.


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This isn’t really an Ingress forum. It gets reported on when it has relevance to Pokemon Go. Now if you were playing Ingress for the potential benefit of Pokemon Go… we might be able to have a dicussion but as your post revolves solely around Ingress… not much to be said.

I didn’t post it to know yor opinion about the “spam”, just to share my experience with Ingress because as fas as portals are pokestops/gyms, it is a bit related to Pokémon Go. I guess that people have too much to say about that.

It isn’t related to Pokemon GO your only concern is Ingress…

I said nothing about “spam”, I wonder how far being obnoxious and contemptible will take you… probably not far.