My Eevee buddy didn't turn into Umbreon

I walked my Eevee for 20km… 10km for the Umbreon, then 10 more for Celebi. I evolved it while it was still my buddy and it turned into a Flareon… Very annoyed.

Hmm. Unusual. Email Niantic…

was it still your buddy when you tried evolving it?

As I said… “My Eevee buddy”… It was my buddy until after I evolved it… Now it’s a Lileep. The screen shot was taken after I swapped over to Lileep.

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must be a glitch.

Did you get 2 Candies?

I usually don’t do this, but now I need to link to my own old posts
I have tried to explain it elaborately in this post

Have you checked every single condition was right? It’s a lot of small details to take care of, that most people who have done it several times, just don’t think of any more.