My Buff Wishlist for Pokemon Go

Hi guys, it’s me again. As I now transition from just creating my team and filling pokedex to entering the competitive scene, it saddens me how many cool pokemons are so underpowered.

So, here are the pokemons I wish are buffed:
1. Blastoise - as one of the three original starters, Blastoise is lagging behind from his peers: Charizard and Venusaur. His exclusive move is not that good and for those of us who missed his community day and would probably need to wait 2 more years for a tiny possibility for another one, there is no chance to get a strong Blastoise at all and no incentive to catch a difficult-to-catch Squirtle who’ll just waste your pokeballs.
So I would suggest either of the following: buff his HP and make him more tanky OR make Hydro Cannon a non-legacy move and give him another exclusive move. Everyone who got Hydro Cannon on his community day will be compensated with one Charge TM.

2. Aggron - Aggron is so cool and looks so badass and he is one of the stronger steel pokemons but steel is not that good to begin with especially Aggron who’s double weak to Ground and Fighting and Machamp everywhere due to Blissey. Give him a little boost to HP. Make him the new popular gym defender rather than Blissey. It would make more sense to make a 3-evolved pokemon the threat rather than a 2-evolved one. In return, make Aron a little bit more rare. Him being the gym threat would also make more sense since he’s utterly helpless in Machamp’s hands. Blissey can re-counter Machamp with Dazzling Gleam, Registeel cannot. So he has a direct counter unlike Blissey.

3. Registeel - wtf, this LEGENDARY pokemon is weak-tier. There is a lot of work needed for Registeel. Make him more tanky by boosting both his defense and hp. He can’t be a gym defender but he can be a power-house in pvps. Probably give him a charge skill that has small damage but taunts raid bosses to attack only him for 3 seconds per 15 - 20 seconds or gym defenders per 5 seconds.

4. Granbull - for those of us who would rather not have Gardevoir as our primary fairy pokemon, I would like to ask to buff Granbull for variety purposes. Somehow, I feel like Niantic will give fairy pokemons a fairy quick move in the unforeseeable future but not him. Kindly give him one as well. That is his buff.

5. Umbreon - I really haven’t tried him outside Great League but a lot of people are saying he’s only good there. He’s the worst eeveelotion by a mile. I say buff Umbreon. Give him a little bit more damage.

So guys, do you agree? What do you think of these 5 pokemons?


I believe blastoise and aggron will be buffed by megas, depends on if niantic wants to add megas, if abilities get added then granbull will get buffed a bit by intimidate, and status moves will buff registeel and umbreon, that’s why they are good walls in RU in showdown. I agree on all your points, and if more features are added to the game to make battling feel more like the main series games while keeping the tapping mechanics the same, then these pokemon you listed could be improved

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I believe megas will come when we reach that Gen.

We are kinda in gen 7, with alola pokemon, and moves that exist only in gen 6 or later (I think), and animated 3D sprites

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We are in Gen4 not 7

I think what he’s trying to say is that alolan forms are a thing that was introduced in gen 7 of the main games, but introduced (I could be wrong) during gen 3 of PoGo so what couldn’t/shouldn’t they implement the mega forms now. Or something along those lines.

  1. Hydro Cannon is the best Charge move in the game based on stats alone
  2. Aggron wasnt a top-tier wall in the last four generations, it makes sense Bliss is better
  3. Registeel is garbage for the last 3 generations
  4. Agreed
  5. Umbreon has 65 attack and 60 speed/special attack

All of their stats are fairly calculated from the main games

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i understood that and ignored it because we still have many Gens to go.

Garchomp isn’t even in game yet.

So no megas till later.

Ok, that’s fine. I know you consistently say that’s when they should/will, I understand that and am choosing to ignore it because they don’t have to do it by when it was released in the main series.

And they could still implement megas without garchomp, highly unlikely, but still not impossible