Murkrow evolution someday?

Does anyone else ever wish they could evolve Murkrow into Honchkrow, with a dark stone special item. (I’ve been researching it). I have 675 Murkrow candy as yet unusable, apart from powering it up, and I’m never going to need that many. One of the best updates ever for me would be if each Pokémon didn’t have it’s own candy, and there was just a ‘bank’ of universal candy you could just use on any. Pretty much like the special candy earned by winning raids really. Maybe one day…

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I might do the math on my extra candy some pokes I have over a thousand extra candy so I evolve and usto use the Pokémon to train but not now that was kinda fun !!

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I hate murkrow…since I got my gold dark badge, I just walk right by them. I have 233 dark catches and 183 were murkrow. Now I just walk by them.

I think they evolve in Gen 4. So maybe a year from now, you’ll be able to use all those Murkrow candies. I know I have over 700.