Multiple Quick/Charge moves

Would it be a good idea to have multiple quick and charge moves.

Instead of 1 we get 2 of each.

  • Yes multiple moves
  • No

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?? You could choose between one in battle?

Choose between either on the fly, so instead of tapping the screen, it will say the attack (quick) and you press either option a, or b.

Once charge move is fully charger either c or d can be chosen depending on which is charged.

For charged moves tho you can only use 1 one once charged. So if Hyper beam needs more energy you can choose a lower energy move, but wont be able to use hyper beam till it fully charged again.

So quick moves two buttons, charge move two buttons, but must choose either or.


Would make battles fresh. Actually bringg strategy to the game. Not to mention make Go more like the actual game. Brings variety to every pokemon, no more clones with exact same moves, could have variety of different moves.

Also allows for many moves not in the game to be implemented, which brings a huge majority of individuality to this game.


Maybe the battle revamp update will add this.

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Would be nice.

Nah would just mean that Mewtwo and TTar would be even bigger beasts
Not having to shuffle moves with TMs means a single Mon can take down a gym a lot more easily

Would have so many moves added that you probably still need to use Tm to get what you want

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What if they added many more moves for every pokemon?

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Thats the point. Add almost all moves into Go.

For example Flame Wheel. I was just playing pokemon silver and totally forgot that move existed, cause i keep seeing Fire Blast

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Imo that would overcentralize it even more, since now Mewtwo would demolish everything
Ice Beam, Future Sight (or Psystrike), Flamethrower, Rock Slide, Aqua Tail, shape it however you want, with this it would likely become the best Pokemon in the game

Like it should…be. Lol.

Not to mention defenders would have two moves. Raids two moves. Possible better dodging mechaincs so its not one sided.

The fights are already made for the trainer to win, how much easier does this have to get…

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Not Blissey, its a hard one to beat without Mewtwo.

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Really don’t understand the idea of being better but not best.

If Mewtwo turns into a monster so be it. Not like he defends. Also by now more trainers are getting Mewtwo, and this would also make Niantic make Mewtwo more easier to get. Possible 60 Passes instead of 40.

Mewtwo for everyone
Beasts for everyone
Harder battles for EVERYONE

Mewtwo was only the best in Gen 1, and thats almkst 20 years back in history lol
Defenders with two moves would make it more of a surprise, but given Mewtwo (or Rayquaza, Dragonite, etc)'s said power, most of them would carry Shadow Ball just for him

So be it. ShadowBall all the Mewtwo. Make sure defender has a defense against Mewtwo. :muscle:t5::speaking_head:

i guess it really shows my age how i love My Mewtwos.

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That reminds me, you should change your pfp to shuffle Mewtwo

I think he likes his link :sweat_smile:

My Goku

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