Mr. Mime in gen 4

I think that Mr. Mime won’t be a regional Pokémon anymore, because it’s baby variant (Mime Jr) Will come out. I think that you can get Mime Jr only with eggs, like Magby and Tyrogue. So everyone can get Mr. Mime then. I think Europe gets a new regional Pokémon, but what do you guys think??



Great way to include a regional to the masses.

Pachi? The 2014 World Champion?

Honestly I couldnt care less about Mr. Mime, horrible in both design and battle

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That’s right, but Europe hasn’t got many regionals (Lunatone, Mr. Mime and Volbeat only), and if Mr. Mime will be for the whole world, Europe only got two regionals! That’s not great, because other Continents got many more regionals.

I doubt Europe cares so much for Mr Mime. If they do.well i am now corrected.

No, still hate Mr. Mime. But the problem is that Europe hasn’t got many regionals, and with gen 4, Mr. Mime won’t be a regional too. So Europe isn’t well-favored by Niantic.

What about us in Canada? We got nothing not even a glance. :sleeping:

Well, we’ll see what’s going to happen.

I would venture a guess that if Europe loses this one they will be given a second one.


Yeah, thought the same too

Would be awesome, I would gladly make Mr. Mime appear everywhere but Europe, what a bloody useless Pokémon it is


I think that if mime jr. won’t be optainable only from Europe’s eggs, smeargle will be a New regional

I’d be ecstatic if that stopped MrMime from ever spawning again in Europe. And though I would like a replacement-regional, getting rid of MrMime would be worth it to me to not have any regional anymore at all.

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During Cloudy weather he appears so much, and boosted that he becomes my most used gym defender :stuck_out_tongue:
I dont bother with catching him, the GoPlus just manages to catch quite a few, and the ones in the 1000 ~ 1500 range are perfect to just throw in a gym that happens to have a spot :slight_smile:

what about USA?

Why does anyone really need regionals to be honest? Their inclusion just encourages GPS cheating.
Make everything available every where and be done with it.


Cause Niantic secretly are the ones making the spoof hax. Don’t tell nobody.

Nothing, because the USA regional doesn’t have a baby Pokémon

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