Moving house, not spoofing!

I am moving house and with the recent reports of Niantic Article here does anyone have any tips for when I travel so that I don’t get banned/flagged?

You really shouldn’t have any issues. Niantic seems to be targeting people who show up across the world in seconds. Since you are physically traveling somewhere, there will be enough time for it to be quite obvious you are not spoofing.

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That’s it, if you are normally in New York, and in one hour you jump to Australia, after to Europe and in the afternoon you are again in New York… really, if I am Niantic I will ban you.


I have heard reports of people who have legitematly traveled to America from Europe and gotten shaddow/soft banned for it

Yeah, I’ve heard it as well, but first a Softban for hours is not soo bad, and I have never hears that Niantic has not accepted the explanations…

Its more the inconvenience and with the new banning system people have reported days worth of bans which I would rather not get if I can help it

Unless you are in a fast jet I don’t think you’ll have a problem. Regular flights and driving will rarely cause issues.