Movesets com bug

Já viram aparecer os moveset e os valores dos ataques não?

Como faço pra corrigir? O erro ocorre apenas no iPhone, quando acesso a conta pelo Android aparece normalmente.

Daar kan google translate geen chocola van maken. Ik raad je aan het in het Engels te proberen.


@Robdebobrob, he is having the disappearing attack values for his attacks and is wondering how to fix it.

No es uma problema. Esta trabalhando normalmente. Esta bom como isso.

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Haha inderdaad. I spreek geen Spaans :joy:
[haha indeed. I do not speak Spanish :joy:]

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Ich auch nicht lol.

I do, but he’s speeking in Portugues… :rofl::rofl:

Yeah google saw it was portuguese, but i still couldnt make anything of it :sweat_smile:

Blaarg blook ook hoi bonjour ho