Moveset.. only to see if I have understand something wrong

Well, let’s see. I have a Metang with a moveset which says it’s 100% (MetalClaw + Psyshock).

So, as said in other articles it’s only random to see what will happen if you evolve this Mon…

In this case, so it’s better to evolve any Mon with a bad moveset, because you can win the good one, because nearly to shure, I will destroy this one, if I evolve him ???

Really, there are parts of this game, that I don’t understand.

Movesets after evolution are random, so no point in changing it before the evolution if you mean thaz

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No, what I mean is, that you can ignore completely which moveset they have, until they are in their last stage of evolution…
The information, that your Mon in stage 1 or 2 have good movesets are for nothing…

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Yes, obviously

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Ok, bad news for the game…
If it’s only interesting what type your Mon is, when it’s on the top of the hill, 99% of the game is working energy for nothing than get alive the game

Let’s see, Oh, my Venusaur not has good moveset. Well, 125 Candies to the rubbish, and let’s do it again

It’s not enough to search for a good IV, and better, if he has a good level… no, you have to repeat all the secuence depending on which moveset will be yours… :roll_eyes:

thats what tms are for though…

Dude, you have TMs
What level are you?


Dude? Well, you have TM’s if you do Raids… is it now obligatory to do them?

Quests can also give you TMs
What level are you?

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Movesets change when you evolve them. If you don’t like the Final form’s moveset, just use TMs until you get what you want.

you get a free pass everyday… so I don’t see the problem.

I’m level 35, and I don’t think that this question is relevant

It actually is relevant because by him asking your lvl hes implying that if your high enough lvl you can get TM’s from quest. If say you were low lvl then the TMS that you would get from a quest would be something else like stardust.

Quest rewards are the same, I was just curious if somebody above level 30 would even pose that question

Players below 25 will not get charged TMS from the quest a lvl 26 would. This is in the game files. The one exception I believe is the mew quest line. A other example would be the quest that gives ultra balls a lower lvl with the same quest will get something else as they haven’t unlocked it yet.

Use TM to get the move you want. it’s random a b c

Good luck getting what you want.

Maybe one day everybody will learn that we don’t think all the same way…

That I don’t do something doesn’t mean that I can’t do it, I just don’t like to do it. And?

I was talking about movesets in the two or three stages of evolution. You find a good one in inicial stage and you loose him, because you evolve. Maybe I have luck and in the third stage I get back the good one, or not…

You say I have to get TM’s, so I can change them. Yes, but not even they function as in the main series, where every TM had a special move you know before using it. No, here you can change it to something even bader.

What I say is, that I don’t like it, and this will not change, even when I reach level 40.

Where did you find that? I havent seen a single mention of rewards being locked by levels, and it doesnt even make sense, given how everybody has the same quests and rewards

There is also a link in there with correlation to this site(GoHub) that states the min lvl to receive fast and charge tms. Which goes along with the quest system since the code was not changed and still in the master files. I have tried it myself on my lvl 13 alt the same stop same day as my 39 got said quest.

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