Move stats explained

I apologize now if there is a discussion about this some where.

1 What do all the fast attack numbers mean? As an example Mud shot power 5 energy +7 PvP 3
PvP turns 2 cool down 600 ms damage window 350-550 ms?

2 Why can two pokemon have the same fast attack, and one seems to do more damage than the other?

Again sorry if this explained some where I couldn’t find it.


  1. Every attack has base power (the number GO shows), energy delta (fast moves charge it, charge moves expend charge energy), duration (in PvP, it always fits into turns, each lasting 0.5s) and damage window, only in PvE - when you need to dodge to avoid taking damage
    PvE stats can differ to PvP versions in these regards, and PvP attacks can also lower/increase attack/defense
  2. They have different base attack stats, a Mewtwo will do more damage with Confusion compared to a Hypno at the same level and IVs

Thank you still some what confusing what’s good and what’s not?

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