Most underwhelming mons?

What are some Pokémon you put effort into hoping they’d be amazing, but ended up being pretty bad?

For me it’s definitely Metagross. On paper, he looks good. His typing is appealing, the best defensive type and a pretty good offensive type mushed into a mon that, in the core games and anime, is seen as a powerhouse with high stats. I expected him and Salamence to follow the footsteps of their older psuedo-kin, Tyranitar and Dragonite, and become staples to the competitive meta, or at the very least be viable. Salamence met my expectations and is a great mon overall, but Metagross is just disappointing.

I love metagross so far, I happened to hatch a perfect one and was able to power it up above 3500. It’s able to tear through gyms taking minimum damage and (although I’m not willing to leave it in a gym) I’m sure it’d be great support for a blissey in gyms. I’d say a disappointing Pokémon was ludicolo, I love it and when I got mine it barely broke 1000 cp


I was hoping back in the day Donphan would usurp rhydon. He was good mon in the games with great stats but couldn’t compete because of up by getting non stab quick move. If he had gotten a new ground move he could of easily competed with Rhydon. But like Gardevoir without a good stab quick move she is left sub optimal.

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