Most difficult shinies

Whats your most difficult shiny to obtain?

I still on the hunt for many shinies BUT Aaron seems to allude me the most seeing him so commonly.


Mine was Shuppet, until last night when I finally broke through and got one. Now it’s Murkrow.


I don’t got neither of those

It has to be Magikarp or either Mareep.
Shiny Mareep has never spawned for me and yes I played on Mareep CD.

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Murkrow still elusive.

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Definitely Shuppet. I think I’ve seen hundreds of this Pokémon without ever finding a Shiny. Before that, it was Aron, but the RNGods have favored me with this one.


Are the rates to low?

Pikachu, only got one on the CD despite playing for 10 hours on both Prague and Dortmund Safari Zone

Still in the hunt for many shinies, just got a level one shiny swablu with 15 hp & attack yesterday. Still looking for the ‚Äúgold fish‚ÄĚ :fish:

Considering the numbers I see and catch munually or Go Plus it has to be a coin flip between Aron, Murkrow and Swablu.

I still want (need!) a shiny wynaut and shiny poochyena. Despite hatching gobs of eggs and farming our best nest daily for poochyena, no luck :unamused: I even played hard on the Chinese New Year event and no golden pooch for me!


Outside of CD/event, I only caught two

I seen 5 Aron but 1 glitched and I missed it so I have 4

Mine Aaron can not find him

Aron is the most common shiny for me. How is it so rare for every one else?

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Where I live in Texas they don’t pop up much

Murkrow, Magikarp, Swablu. I’ve seen lots of shiny arons, only bothered to catch 2 though. Wish aron would stop spawning in my neighborhood can’t go through my neighborhood without seeing at least seeing 5+ a day.

That’s hard to tell… Many shinies keep evading me… all the shiny ghosts for example…And Makuhita and Meditite…And the raid-available shinies (Absol, Mawile) of course…
It’s usally the event shinies that evade me during the event, so I can expect not to get Houndour and Snubbull, either, which don’t even have a higher spawn rate.:thinking:
But Magikarp was hard to get, too. Took me about 1200 seen until I got the first one.

Most difficult are still the shiny babies though…

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Currently chasing Houndour.