More upgrades of capacity?

do you think that now sometime pass we gona get more upgrades for invent and pokemon storage?
would you like them to upgrade it to 2000 slots on pokemon and items? answer at vote below

  • 1)ye i could use more storage
  • 2)no i have enough
  • 3)maybe i dont know

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It’s the items I’m always having to upgrade, now at max it will go even feeding my golden razz isn’t enough to get rid of all the items I recieve. Maybe each item can have a max to better sort a trainers bag for items and how much is really needed. It would make players stay organized and get a better idea of how much they really go through and of which item.

i will be honest with you, i have all maxed up, but unfortunly i always end up with the items i dont want ,or barly use, i just wish we could swap them to the items we want even without rare candy, i stuck with so many revives and max potions and hyper, i end up throwing them, and for me see it go to trash just sad, we need some recycle option you know.

item storage is needed for a while now. we have gotten man y new types of items since the 1500 cap

I understand inventory management is part of the game but we need a higher cap

Yep! So true. Possibly if it’s decided with the next level boost to 40+ we will see more upgrades. It’s hard to tell with niantic, they like to keep things a secret then come out with an idea we’ve all been waiting for.

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ye i hate when they not let anyone know what they plan, there is also pepoles like those you dont know anything from them, always had hard time with those kind, is it so hard to be transperent and open? sigh…

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I’d like to see items split into 2 separate categories.
Balls and berries in one
Health Items, Special Evolution Items, Eggs, Lures, Raid Passes and Pokemon Stink in the other,
Cap both at 1000

if they change the mechanic to 1500 slots per each catagory that can be awsome!!!

Well you wouldn’t need over 100 banana berries unless you throw them away for feeding and charge/fast TM wouldn’t need a high storage. Maybe 50 max for each.

when i try create a champion i always put low forms of the same pokemon at gym for candy, like for exemple the gradivor and the ralts, i put at gym farming and feeding them always when i finish farming i stay with 0 berrys 0 nanaberry, i keep only pinapp and golden the nanaberry i dont need becuase i can counter and berrys well for those i have the sup version golden, will be shame to waste space on lesser version.